2024 Year 7 Parent Information

2024 Year 7 Parent Information

The Year 7 Parent Information page contains information about the following which are relevant to students transition from primary school to secondary school at Kurnai College.

  • Year 7 Parent Information Evenings
  • Advanced Learning Program (ALPs) Testing
  • Transition Program (Awareness & Orientation Days)
  • Timeline of Events

Information Evenings

Kurnai College’s Morwell Campus and Churchill Campus will be holding information evenings for families of students who are transitioning into Year 7 in 2024.


The evening will provide an outline of our Year 7 Program including curriculum, orientation process, and a tour of our education facilities.

If your child is currently in Grade 6 and coming up to Year 7, it would be lovely to see you!

Morwell Campus
Tuesday 2nd May commencing at 5pm
42 - 66 Bridle Road, Morwell
For more information, contact Daniel Murphy on (03) 5165 0600

Churchill Campus
Thursday 4th May commencing at 5pm
Crn Northways Road & McDonald Way, Churchill
For more information, contact Darren Campbell on (03) 5132 3700

2024 Year 7 Advanced Learning Program (ALPs) Testing 

Kurnai College is looking ahead to the year 2024 and will be providing testing opportunities for students considering the Kurnai College ALPs program.

The Advanced Learning Program is designed to cater for students who have a strong work ethic and aims to extend students' depth and breadth of thinking and learning in Maths, English, Science and Humanities.

Testing will be completed with all Grade 6 students from the Morwell feeder schools (Morwell Park Primary & Morwell Central Primary) and Churchill feeder schools (Churchill Primary, Churchill North Primary, Yinnar Primary, Yinnar Primary, Yinnar Sth Primary & Hazelwood North Primary) at their primary schools.

The following dates are for students who wish to complete the ALPs testing who do not attend a Kurnai College feeder school.

Morwell Campus: Wednesday 29th March 2023, 3:30pm

Churchill Campus: Thursday 4th May 2023, 4:00pm

Bookings essential, please contact the school office at your relevant campus.
Students may need up to two hours to complete the testing and are recommended to have a phone to contact parent/guardian when the test is finished.

Transition Program

Moving from primary to secondary school is a big change. It can be exciting but can also be challenging or worrying for many students.

Kurnai College has a Transition Program that runs to support students who will be transitioning from grade 6 to year 7 to ensure that the move from primary to secondary school is as smooth as possible.

Activities and events are held throughout the students’ final year of primary school to support students and ensure that they feel confident when they commence at Kurnai College. A number of awareness days occur throughout the year for students from both the Churchill Campus and Morwell Campus feeder schools, with the state-wide orientation day in mid-December.


Awareness Days

In early term two Kurnai College hosts its first set of Awareness Days.

Morwell Campus
Tuesday 2nd May

Churchill Campus
Tuesday 2nd May
Thursday 4th May

Our goals for awareness day is building confidence

  • Students gain a better understanding of our secondary school environment.
  • They have an opportunity to interact with current Year 7 students.
  • They will meet Kurnai teaching staff, especially the Year 7 teaching team.
  • They will build knowledge of our procedures and expectations.
  • They will experience a fun, caring and engaging day.

Students are required to be in their primary school uniform and bring their pencil case.

Please bring a snack for recess. BBQ lunch and drink provided, however please bring a packed lunch if not having the BBQ lunch.


Orientation Days

Is a great opportunity for students to spend a day at the school to meet some of their teachers and classmates, familiarise themselves with the campus, and learn how to become involved in co-curricular activities.

The state-wide Orientation Day occurs on Tuesday 12th of December.

However, at Kurani College we recognise the significance of supporting students through the transition from primary to secondary school and therefore hold three days of orientation on Friday 8th, Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th of December, 2023 for all grade 6 students who will be commencing Year 7 at Kurnai College in 2024.

A parent information session will also be held on Tuesday 12th of December at 5pm at the students' respective campus. 


Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 camp to Coolamatong usually occurs during Term 2.
Students participate in a range of fun and challenging cooperative activities that are designed to enhance teamwork, relationship building, communication and self-confidence.


Timeline of Events

2023 DatesActivityNotes
Term 2, Week 1 
Placement Information PacksPrimary schools will distribute the Placement Pack for Parents/Carers for 2024 school year to all families of current grade 6 students.

Term 2, Week 2

Awareness DaysGrade 6 students from Kurnai College's feeder schools attend an Awareness Day at their respective campus
 Parent Information Sessions

For families of students who are transitioning into Year 7 in 2024.

The evening will provide an outline of our Year 7 Program including curriculum, orientation process, and a tour of our education facilities.

Friday 12th MayApplication for Year 7 Placements 2024 DueReturn Application for Year 7 Placements 2024 Forms to primary school

Term 3

Kurnai College Enrolment PacksKurnai College sends out Kurnai College Enrolment Forms to the families of all students who plan to attend Kurnai College in 2024
Term 4
Fri 8th, Mon 11th, & Tue 12th December
Orientation DaysAll grade 6 students commencing Kurnai College in 2024 participate in 3-day orientation