Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)

Human Powered Vehicles (HPV)

Human Powered Vehicles (Morwell)

Human Powered Vehicles (HPV) is a class where students design, modify and race recumbent bicycles. Students have the opportunity to work alongside local businesses in order to design the bikes to meet certain specifications and safety restrictions, which are all requirements to race.

Once the design process is complete, students put their designs to the test during the Wonthaggi Human Powered 24 hour Grand Prix. This race is predominately used as a practice run before the Maryborough 24 hour Energy Breakthrough event, which occurs in late November.

During the Energy Breakthrough event students are required to demonstrate their knowledge of design and construction of the bikes as well as present to a panel of judges their knowledge of sustainable energy – which is an under-riding concept of the class. Student's physical endurance are also put to the test once again, partaking in the 24 hour race involving over 100 teams from Victoria and interstate. The race requires eight riders per team to race non-stop from 12pm to 12pm - recording hundreds of kilometres travelled - with teams regularly reaching speeds in excess of 50kmh.


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