Music Program

Kurnai College Music Program

Kurnai College Music operates at all campuses and is available for all enrolled students. Kurnai College Music caters for students with mixed abilities and interests, whilst providing numerous learning and performance opportunities.

Tuition is available for a broad range of instruments, covering all popular woodwind, brass, percussion and stringed instruments. Students enrolled in Kurnai College Music are timetabled for classes and band rehearsals. College Music regularly performs at a variety of venues and events including Kurnai Idol, College Soirees and Concerts, the “On The Road Again” Primary Schools tour as well as numerous community events.

Kurnai College Music course is designed to assist students for possible pathways into VCE and VET music courses.



 Joseph Bonnici - Brass, Percussion, Voice and Keyboard

Ian Hopkins - Strings

Chris Gretton - Woodwind, Brass, Percussion, Voice and Keyboard


This covers the cost for additional materials given to students - manuscript pad, clear pocket folder, a book related to the instrument, music theory book, as well as transport and maintenance of equipment.

Enrolment - $100.00 Annual Fee

Kurnai College Owned Instruments - $100 Annual Fee

Cost of Lessons - Free


• Classes occur once a week during the school day.

• Length of classes will be 30 minutes.

• Class time rotates every week.

• Classes can be individual or in small group.

• Rehearsals occur once a week either during a class time or after school.

• Length of class time rehearsals will be 1 hour and will rotate every week.

• Every student that has music classes at Kurnai College will be placed in an ensemble or band.

• Once a term students will participate in an ALL DAY REHEARSAL. This may be on campus or at another campus to rehearse with other music students.

• Classes and rehearsals are in preparation for performances


1. Complete an Expression of Interest form.

2. Parents will be contacted when their child has been successful in attaining a position in the program.

3. The Kurnai College Music Agreement will be sent to parents.

4. Parents will need to have the contract and payments returned within two weeks, payment options are available. Please contact the campus office for details.

5. Lessons will commence.