Years 7 & 8 - Sports & Activities

Years 7 & 8 - Sports & Activities

Our students in Years 7 and 8 are exposed to a variety of sports and activities over the course of the school year in practical classes including minor games, traditional sports and recreation activities.
Students in both levels participate in same gender swimming lessons provided by qualified AustSwim instructors at NO COST throughout Terms 3 & 4 to develop their confidence around water, as well as performing basic lifesaving rescues. This program is based on inclusiveness and access for all students, regardless of actual or perceived ability.

Our students also participate in Health classes, designed to promote physical activity and health across the lifespan, with study areas including but not limited to; Nutrition, Healthy Relationships, Sex Education and Puberty, Dimensions of Health, Human Anatomy, First Aid and Mental Health.

Interschool Sports
Kurnai College is affiliated with School Sports Victoria, Wellington Division.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of sports including; Soccer, AFL, Netball, Badminton, Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming, Cross country, Basketball, Hockey, Table Tennis and more!

These competitions help students to form greater respectful relationships with their peers, staff members and appreciate the abilities of students from across Gippsland and the state. It is a great opportunity to participate in sporting competitions within the school environment and take the successes back into the classroom, developing confidence, self-esteem and a sense of pride in individual and team achievements.

Each Kurnai College team that represents the school demonstrates success regardless of the score line at the end of the day. The students achieve this in the way that they conduct themselves both on and off the field, and the way they show appreciation for each other and the dedicated staff that volunteer their time and energy to make sporting events possible.

Recent on field success includes:

  • Boys Soccer Team reaching state finals – (YR 8 2016; YR 9 2017)
  • Boys Year 8 Volleyball – reached state finals (2017)
  • Senior Boys Cricket 2018 winning Wellington Division 2018
  • Year 7 – Boys Volleyball team winning Wellington division and to compete in upcoming Gippsland Division 2018
  • Year 8 – Girls- Volleyball team winning Wellington Division and to compete in Gippsland Division 2018
  • Swimming: Kurnai placed 4 overall in the female 16 to 20 age group, at the 2018 Gippsland School Swimming Sports