Flexible Learning Option (FLO)

Latrobe Valley Flexible Learning Option (LV FLO) was established in July 2014 as a partnership between three government secondary colleges in the Latrobe Valley: Kurnai College, Lowanna College and Traralgon College.

The goal of LV FLO is to provide a case-managed approach to customised learning for all students. Each student enrolled at LV FLO brings with them a unique set of experiences that has impacted their educational engagement. The focus is on reconnecting the young person with education, engaging them in learning and providing the individual support they need to overcome any obstacles to successfully participate and complete an education or training pathway.

There are currently 121 students enrolled at LV FLO.

Since its opening, LV FLO has;

  • Supported 271 disengaged youth from across the Latrobe Valley - 25% Indigenous, 30% living in Out of Home Care, 30% currently or previously on a Youth Justice Order
  • Transitioned 150 students to other pathways including mainstream school, employment, TAFE and Berry Street

Our Mission

To provide a positive learning environment for all students through individual education options, relationship building and a focus on pathways.

Our Vision

  • Provide a welcoming and positive environment for students, parents/carers and the community
  • Continually invest in and care about our students outcomes
  • Provide relevant and engaging learning for our students
  • Challenge perspective and motivate ambition
  • Impact the community in a positive way

Our Values

  • Positivity – We strive to provide a happy, friendly, welcoming and up-beat learning environment
  • Individuality – We listen to students, their interests and goals to provide individual outcome based programs
  • Learning – Our focus is on learning and allowing students to achieve the best they can
  • Relationships – We are respectful, caring, consistent and approachable

Bridging Program

The LV FLO Bridging Program is designed for students who have been identified by primary schools or existing Year 7 programs as those who will not be able to successfully transition to or complete Year 7. The aim of the program is to build the capacity of students to enable re-engagement into mainstream school. Each student is treated individually and every student's journey may be different.
The LV FLO Bridging Program will maintain certain standards and expectations around willingness to learn, behaviour and maintaining safety of self and others. Students who are enrolled in the program will be:

  • Willing and eager to attend
  • Prepared to undertake school work that is matched to their abilities
  • Able to maintain a safe, respectful learning environment for themselves and other students
  • Open to further pathways after the LV FLO Bridging Program

Middle School Program

The LV FLO Middle School Program caters for students ranging from Year 8 to Year 10 and is designed to re-engage disengaged, or at risk of disengaging students, who have been referred by our three partnering schools. The Middle School Program delivers a range of core learning and electives. Student engagement is at the forefront of all that we do and individual learning plans are in place for each student across all our delivered subjects; Maths, English, Cooking, Art, Health, Hands On Learning, Green Valley Gardens and The Bike Restoration Program. Upon meeting the three key areas of engagement: Attendance, Learning and Behaviour, students then begin the transition back to mainstream school or explore further learning opportunities.

VCAL Program

The VCAL Program is a full time option which runs Monday to Friday during normal school term dates. An alternative option to Mainstream VCAL, the VCAL Program allows students to increase engagement and contact hours whilst remaining a flexible option for students. Our main subject focuses are English, Maths, Art, Personal Development, Hands On Learning and Life Skills. At LV FLO,Positive Behaviour Strategies (PBS) guide everything we do. We focus on RESPECT, RESILIENCE, COMMITMENT and RESPONSIBILITY. As LV FLO is a pathway option and not a destination school, our aim is engaging students and identifying a destination for transition. However,we are acutely aware that every student comes to LV FLO with a different set of circumstances and all are treated individually. The VCAL Program is another pathway option for students who reach senior age whilst enrolled at LV FLO who are not set to transition successfully.

LV FLO – Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is an ongoing commitment to providing inclusive, flexible approaches to learning and engagement - across all year levels. Students participating in the program are on the fringe of disengagement. The Program attempts to encourage them back to educational settings, using outreach as a 'bridge' for managing each individual's reintegration and/or engagement in learning.

20% of students engaged in the Outreach Program have spent time in Secure Welfare, Parkville Juvenile Detention and/or drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs during the data collection period.

Since commencing in December 2015, 133 students have been identified for the Outreach Program and of those students, 94 have successfully re-engaged in some form of education or employment.

Operation Flinders Program

The Operation Flinders Program is based at LV FLO with a five year commitment between ENGIE, Rotary, Victoria Police, DET and LV FLO.

This commitment and sponsorship will see two groups of ten students participate in the program each year.

Operation Flinders is a South Australian based charitable organisation that takes participants between the age of 14 and 18 years on an eight day exercise in the far northern Flinders Ranges, providing an opportunity for its participants to break away from their past and grow as valued members of the community.

Teams trek up to 100km through the spectacular Flinders Ranges with the aim to develop personal attitudes of self-esteem, leadership, motivation, team work and responsibility.
They learn basic bush survival skills, are taught to abseil, discover Indigenous culture and learn of the rich history of the Flinders Ranges.


School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS)
SWPBS is a whole- school framework which provides schools with a systematic approach to promote both improved behaviour and school culture, while increasing academic performance. This is guided by a college matrix developed by staff and students. This matrix is visible in every classroom across the college and is used as the basis for rewarding students when they exhibit the expected behaviours. 

SWPBS - Kurnai College matrix