School Charges 2019

School Charges 2019

The Kurnai College school community shares a vision to build an education system that champions excellence and ensures that every child has access to the opportunities to succeed in life, regardless of their background or circumstances.
Schools are best placed to make local decisions which ensure that all students can access a broad range of learning opportunities that support their expectations and promote their aspirations as they move through the education system. Parent contribution, in all forms, assists schools to provide an enriched learning and teaching program for every student and is highly valued by school communities.

You can download our Parent Payment Policy here.



 Years 7 - 10

 Locker Hire  $20
 College Issued Materials – (ID card, text books)  $40
 College Events (Swimming/Athletics)  $20
 Subject Materials Levy  $100




 Years 11 & 12

 Locker Hire (Optional)  $20
 College Issued Materials – (ID card, text books)  $60
 College Events (Swimming/Athletics)  $20




Other College Levies


Music – All Years

Enrolment $85
Instrument Hire  $100

Voluntary (Optional) Levy

Building Fund Levy Self-nominated amount
School Magazine Free